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The Stage Show

An hour-long tumble down the extraordinary rabbit hole that has been sitting in your palm all along. During the course of the show Professor Kelso reads minds, incredible stories are shared and the audience learn to read their own palms.


Dinner Parties

Invite your guests to spend an unforgettable evening in the company of Professor Kelso. He shares stories, demonstrates his intuition, answers questions and teaches guests how to read their own palms. Each guest receives a personal reading from Professor Kelso.


The Art of Connection

Popular with corporate clients, Professor Kelso's keynote advice on knowing oneself, reading customers and forming connections will transform your understanding of customer-centricity.

"Kelso has an incredible stage presence. The show is wondrous."

***** Broadway Baby


Neil Kelso became known as "The Professor" through his work with the artistic, corporate, and scientific communities as a consultant in the field of wonder communication.



He has lectured at the Royal Institution of Great Britain, regularly entertains leading blue-chip multinationals across several industries, published a book "Astonishing" for science communicators, has appeared on the west end and top festivals and brings wonder to special events worldwide.


Take wonder seriously.

palmist. fortune teller. showman.

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